Tunapuna Who wouldn’t love to have their own Walk In Closet? Add one big enough to incorporate an island and we’ve just achieved nirvana.

Walk In Closets today take on a life of their own, from incorporating wine refrigerators and chandeliers and lounge chairs.

Yours doesn’t have to be that elaborate, but it certainly can reflect your personality, as well as your shoe collection.

And don’t think Walk In Closets are limited to ladies only. In my decade plus of designing custom Walk In Closets for clients, men frequently have almost as many clothes (inch per inch). Throw in hats and ties and it’s an even closer race to the best designed closet on the planet.

And, inch per inch, Walk In Closets have the greatest return on investment of almost any space in your home.


White Walk In Dream Closet


We did a complete renovation on this closet, even relocating the ceiling attic access so we could get more functional space.

The right side is “his” side, the larger, left side is “her” side and they share the island.

We “blinged” it out with crystal knobs, glass doors and lighting.

Pay close attention to the jewelry drawers with glass tops and lighting around the perimeter – so cool!



Ash Walk In Closet

Ash-walk-in-closet-wood 10

The “Big Ash” job came about because the specified wood is Quarter Sawn Ash – and it was a BIG job.

Big in terms of time, energy, math and money.

The client wanted contemporary styling, compatibility with the rest of the home, and all of it to be built as cabinets.

View ash walk in closet gallery.


Fashionista Walk In Closet

Fashionista walk in closet

Having a well-designed, well-organized closet can be accomplished in any size space.

This client does a terrific job of editing her wardrobe, and needs it to truly function at maximum capacity because she travels a great deal and puts in long days. She plans her outfits (including accessories) in advance, so the valet rails are crucial to this process. View fashionista walk in closet gallery.


 Stairway to Heaven Closet

The Stairway to Heaven closet

This closet presented one of my biggest math challenges to date.

When I walked into the space I was challenged with the equivalent of an oversize set of “steps” that were four feet wide by two feet deep.

View stairway to heaven closet gallery.


Mahogany Walk In Closet

Mahogany walk in closet

This walk in closet space already had an existing melamine systems installed, but the new owner wanted something that was so much more.

So, we tore out the melamine and I redesigned the space to both look and function better. View mahogany walk in closet gallery.


White Wood Walk In Closet

White wood walk in closet

While this closet may look very straight forward, we were painstakingly accurate in it’s dimensions and parameters.

We considered the look and feel as you entered the space from the owners home office in the bedroom suite. We wanted balance and we didn’t want to have open clothing as the first impression. View white wood walk in closet gallery.


 White Melamine Walk In Closet

White melamine walk in closet

The woman whose wardrobe lives in this closet is one of the most delightful clients I’ve ever partnered with on a project.

She knew what she wanted and what she needed to store and then handed it over to me to develop the “best laid plan”.

View white melamine walk in closet.