Tempe I like to call home office work space “personal work space”.

http://collargps.es/tag/localizador-gps-fauna-salvaje Most people do at least some of their “job” work at home. Many are entrepreneurs. And even if you’re the rare bird who shuts off work at 5:00, you still have personal “administrative” things that have to be accomplished.

http://cineaqui.com/tag/election-la-noche-de-las-bestias-1-link So, planning and designing effective work space is key.

Many times space is tight, so you can’t allocate an entire room to your home office.

You need to think about how you work, when you work and what kind of work needs to be organized. Are you a “horizontal worker” who has piles all over the place? Then you better be sure to have plenty of horizontal surfaces to accommodate your style.

Maybe you’re a super savvy digital star and don’t need much file space. That’s cool. We’ll design with a more open environment.

And what about hiding cords – or printers? We can accommodate all of those things if we plan right and design well.


His / Her Home Office

A couple with a couple of young children wanted to be able to work on projects, as well as work, and still keep an eye on things.

Both worked from home frequently, so we needed to merge workspace and family space. View his / her home office gallery.


Keshet Day School

The heart and soul space of this incredible organization needed some serious organization. So I assessed the needs and processes, as well as the space, and designed custom storage solutions that made everything not only run smoother, but look more beautiful.

View keshet day school gallery.


Desk in Closet

desk-in-closet 4

This “desk” was an additional writing surface for a journalist who works in a very “horizontal” format. As you can see from the overall photos, she worked from a desk that was located in the middle of the room as her primary space, but wanted additional work surface (big novels require big workspace). View the Desk in Closet Gallery.


Home Office in Condo

Home-Office-In-Condo-Melamine  4

City living is demanding in many ways. And at the top of the list is often maximizing storage and balancing that with aesthetics and personal style. Face it, if you’ve got less square footage, but just as much stuff as someone in a house with a garage and a basement, you’ve gotta get creative about your storage solutions. View the Home Office in Condo Gallery.