Three Keys to Award Winning Design   I’m one of those freaks that actually does a digital dance (meaning I share online) when I find great design.   Great design inspires me.       It also motivates me to do better work.   And as a NEOCON addict, KBIS presenter and judge for the […]

What’s The Value of Custom Closets?

The Unexpected – But Considerable – Value of Custom Storage Spaces   If you are among the majority of people who have “stuff”, here are some insights on the increased value of having places to store it.   I say that closets are the most important space in the house. Others say the kitchen. But […]

Tiny spaces are all the rage. Just watch an episode on HGTV or look at media content and you’ll likely find a spin or angle on how to “live small” (with small being defined as less space and less stuff, not less spirit or joy!). So here’s an excellent custom storage solution designed by Rob […]

How about “alot”? Yes, custom closets are worth every penny (and then some) in terms of the resale of a home. That’s probably not an answer you’re satisfied with. How about 100% ROI?  Does that make custom closets more valuable? You betcha. So where am I getting such a crazy number? Consider this: Let’s say […]

As someone who designs dream closets, I spend a lot of time inside of them. And clothing reveals a lot about a person. You can tell from the items people love and wear what sort of personality traits they have. I also have worked with a wonderful system called Fashion Feng Shui that sheds even […]

Five Out Of The Closet Trends

In an eternal quest to do the best possible job for my clients, I’m also on an unending quest for the latest design trends and ways to incorporate those in to custom storage solutions. So – here’s what’s on the “trend” horizon in case you want to update any elements of your own style or […]